My Top Hair Care Products

Hey Beautys!
Here's a blog post on my top recommended hair products that I swear by for when it comes to getting your hair into a good condition.

My hair is very curly and unfortuntly I haven't fully embraced my frizzy afro!
GHD straightners are my bestfriend! This though, also means heat! Along with my obsession with changing and dying my hair lets just say good moisturising products are a MUST-HAVE! When I was younger I didn't know much about looking after my hair too well so the condition took a huge hit when I started experimenting with colours. With some of these products I've been using over the years my hair has improved so much. Theres nothing worse than seeing somone with super long, (or short) hair but seeing how dry and damaged it is!
These are the products I use and thought were note worthy when and if you use heat on your hair to protect it from getting dry and damaged or for if you just want to bring your hair back to a tip top condition.
First of all, good styling tools are essential for your hair.


GHD's -

My number one straightner brand I have ever used!! If your hair is as curly as mine, forget other straightners and go get these straight away!! There great for creating straight styles or even big curled hair styles, (which I create alot even though I get rid of all my tiny ringlets, Gawd!!!). GHD's just simply make life better. Reccomended 110%!!

Iconic Hair Dryer -

Iconic dryers, drys your hair from the inside out. Which is faster and less damaging. It has a cold air shot that you use when you've finished blow drying to give you a shampoo- ad shimmer & shine. In love with my leopard print hair dryer. Love this Iconic one, I have found that it drys my hair quicker than any other dryer I've used in the past, plus having this fun pattern makes it super cute for having in your bedroom.


Heat Protector -

If I could only choose one product to use. A protector would be it! It's a must if youre using hot tools, otherwise hair just burns!! A few squirts all over is all you need to keep hair protected. Too much can leave it feeling rough or greasy.
Tresemme heat tamer protective spray is the one I've regiously been using for a few years. I've tried a few others but I always come back to this one because I found the other ones either made my hair really greasy or didn't feel like it was really doing a good job in protecting my hair at all!! Its fairly in-expencive and lasts a long time. It's defintly a staple product of mine.

Detangler -

A detangler is great to help comb out knots eaisly without pulling or snagging your hair, use with a wide tooth comb to ensure your not snapping your hair as your hair is at its weakest when its wet.
I use L'oreal's leave in conditioner detangler spray. This product smells amazing! I spray it on as soon as I've gotten out of the shower and have towel dryed my hair. I spray it all through my hair, on the roots and on the ends, brush it through with a comb and then move onto my next product.

Redken Blow Dry loation-

Heat from a blow dryer is the harshest heat that can be applied to your hair so good heat protection is again essential before you apply heat to your hair.
Redken lotion smells amazing and acts amazing on your hair. I find that you can really feel it acting as a proctector on your hair which is what I like, then you know your getting what you pay for.
Moroccon Oil-
AMAZING! I love this product! I've had this bottle for well over a year now. It lasts so long and find that it helps your hair so much. I apply this after my detangler spray, I put a very small amount in the palm of my hand and spread it evenly through the ends of my hair and then anywere else I have dryer ends, fringe, layers etc. You'll know were it is with your hair you need to apply this product. It helps your hair dry faster and again acts as a great protector.
Hair Mask-
A hair mask is so essential in a hair routine if your wanting to take your hair from dry and damaged, to soft, shiney and moisturised, invest in a good hair mask! Your hair will thank you for it.
I use Macidamina oil deep repair hair masque. I have a full review on this and just think it is honestly the best if you want to inprove the condition of your hair. LOVE this repair mask, it tops the charts for me!
Shampoo and Conditioner-

Tresemme Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner. I think you get what you pay for when it comes to hair products but with shampoos and conditioners if its a good drug store brand like these, then it is also works just as well!
So stock up, layer on and your hair will feel and look so much better in no time.

Here's too good hair days!

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